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My Aspartame Experiment: Report from a Private Citizen

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"This report is a must-read for anyone concerned about their health! It is truly amazing that Inness-Brown, a private citizen, conducted this extensive experiment and is willing to tell us what government and private corporations have been hiding for years! The study is very informative and touches on even more health issues than aspartame effects. Her data is clear and the conclusion is obvious: I now completely avoid aspartame and I never put plastic in the dishwasher or microwave oven. Also, I am now a huge fan of white tea. It is so sad that corporations have hidden the truth about aspartame for years. Even more distressing is that our government even allows these harmful food products on the market! Watch out for aspartame in infant products too---like Pedialyte frozen pops! I always gave them to my baby when ill up until he was diagnosed with cancer at 26 months old.

Once I started reading the report I could not put it down, despite the fact that I found the report to be painful to read. It was painful learning about all the harmful things that my son and I have ingested in the past. It was sad to think that some of these products may have already contributed to some health issues. But I had to continue reading because I now know that we must be proactive in seeking out the truth about the dangers in our food."

— Barbara Foster

“I am inspired and encouraged by what one concerned and determined individual can do to effectively counteract the lies and misinformation we are fed daily by our government, multinational corporations, and mainstream media."

— Cher Gilmore, media consultant

“Read Victoria’s astonishing exposé. Does aspartame – sold in packets as NutraSweet and Equal – in fact do the opposite of what it claims? Are there really life-threatening adverse effects? Was it released on an unsuspecting public by unscrupulous public officials and profiteering scientists with severe conflicts of interest? Read and decide for yourself.”

— Gini Energy

"I was enthralled by Victoria Inness-Brown's book.

Today one can find any number of books exposing the dangerous consequences of eating or drinking certain substances that have been approved by the FDA for human consumption.

As an independent teacher and social researcher I have a profound and extended interest in the area of health and diet. Years ago, I read "Silent Spring" by Rachel Carson and the parallel of that book and Victoria's book is remarkable.

Now, there is a book available to the public that strips the covering off of the artificial sweetener named aspartame. The author conducted her own experiment(on her own time with her own finances) and has gone into great detail on the protocol of her private experiment. She has given fascinating accounts of her discoveries, and the extensive photo documentation she provides drives home the nutritional truths that are only now gaining general understanding.

Victoria conducted her experiment on aspartame because she was concerned about the health of family members drinking large quantities of diet soda.

I can identify with her motivation to do something about the effects aspartame was having on her family. After reading Rachel Carson's book, I wanted to do something in the realm of health as well, so I became co-founder of an Organic food store providing wholesome and safe food and educating others in health and diet.

Besides aspartame, Victoria writes hard hitting revelations about pesticides, herbicides and excito- toxins such as MSG and aspartame. She also comments on genetically modified foods, soy, animal products, water and air quality.

The author's work contradicts everything the FDA and aspartame industry have been reporting regarding the safety of this sweetener. My own opinion is that aspartame is a potent toxic agent. It is an artificial sweetener made in a lab and more dangerous than you ever imagined.

What stands out and differs from every experiment made by a corporation that claimed to do valid research on aspartame was the duration of Victoria's experiment. The author devoted 2 years and 8 months of her life conducting her experiment in order to help her family but, in reality, the results have been collected and they will prove to benefit millions. Major corporations conducting experiments with aspartame varied these from a few hours or days to several months and then stated that aspartame is not harmful. Thus, the corporate studies did not even allow time for aspartame to take effect. Toxins are cumulative and may not affect humans until later in life. The author said she conducted her experiment until the natural deaths of her subjects. She found that most tumors appeared in the last third of their lifetimes.

In her book fact after fact is presented: Aspartame's chemical structure and its effect inside the body is explained; the harm aspartame has had on many of its victims is given and results of numerous experiments and studies by other scientists are cited.

So, why is aspartame, which is marketed under such names as NutraSweet, Equal, Spoonful still found in a great number of consumer food products? For the same reasons tobacco is everywhere: Greed and Profit, after causing Addiction.

Now Victoria Inness-Brown has bravely posed the question, "Are Your Diet Sodas Killing You?" The answer is emphatically - yes!

If you have any doubts, read this book."

— Rodney R. Richardson, "Rodney Ray," Spokane, Washington


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