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  Summary of My Experiment

Sixty-seven percent of my female rats developed large tumors

As a private citizen, I performed a 2-1/2 year study, putting aspartame in the form of packets of NutraSweet in the drinking water of 60 rats and keeping 48 rats as controls. My female rats received about 45 mg/kg of aspartame per body weight per day. My males received about 34 mg/kg/day.

Of the 30 females in the aspartame group, 20 or 67% developed tumors the size of golf balls or greater. Seven males from the aspartame group developed visible tumors -- 23% of all males on aspartame.

Females hit harder than males

The total number of rats with tumors in the aspartame group was 27 – 20 females and 7 males. The percentage of females-to-males was therefore 20/7 or 286%, which coincides with the observation of H.J. Roberts, M.D, author of Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic, that females are more affected by aspartame than males by a 3:1 ratio.

Other adverse effects

The rats on aspartame also developed miscellaneous health issues, such as paralysis and other apparent neurological problems, eye problems and skin disorders, thinning and yellowing fur, and obesity, which is sad, because many people use aspartame to lose or maintain their weight.

If aspartame does this to rats, what will it do to you?

Female with tumors
Female on aspartame often used her tumor as a pillow.
Neuro Male
Male on aspartame whose hind legs became paralyzed.


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